I write ads with the Harmon Brothers agency. If an ad has a poop joke, it's probably one of ours.
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Squatty Potty: Lead Writer
With Daniel Harmon & Jeffrey Harmon
135 million views on Facebook & YouTube
Winner of 2 Webby Awards for Copywriting

Chatbooks: Co-Lead Writer
With Mallory Everton (Co-Lead), Whitney Call, & Jonny Vance
60 million views FB & YT

Does ISIS make the world safer?

Writer, Host, Creator

Utah says this girl is a lawbreaker.

Writer, Host, Creator

Purple: Lead Writer
With Daniel Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon, & Mallory Everton
143 million views FB & YT

FiberFix: Contributing Writer
With Matt Meese (Lead) & Mallory Everton
32 million views FB & YT

Unicorn Gold: Lead Writer
With Jonny Vance, Daniel Harmon, & Mallory Everton
33 million views FB & YT

VidAngel: Lead Writer
With Matt Meese, Whitney Call, & Jonny Vance
5 million views FB & YT